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From the four corners of the world, the multiple armies attack each

Tyr, the one-handed god, slays Hati, but falls dead from his
horse's saddle, pierced with a fatal wound.

Heimdall rushes forth
against Loki and beheads him with his sword; but Loki's head, bristling
with poisonous spikes, bounds back penetrating the pure God's breast.

As the God of sacred fire falls dead, the sun goes out and the stars
fall from the heavens. Odin rides against Fenrirwolf, but is over-
come by the poisonous fumes from the wolf's jaws and swallowed by
the monster.

Vidar, the silent god, avenges his father. With one of his feet (wearing a magical shoe) he opens up the jaws of the Fenrir monster and with his sword pierces its heart.

Midgard serpent has just reared his head, looking for Thor. The God of Thunder wields his hammer, splitting the dragon's head, but after stepping away nine
feet he falls dead from the poison spewed from the monster's jaws.

Frey rushes at Surt, and is felled by Völund's sword.

Now the sky splits, and the mountains burst open with the fiery lava hitherto held in rein.

Fire envelopes the field of battle, the armies are devoured and the blazing heat burns to cinders all of creation, above as below.

Through the fire and smoke of Ragnarök there ride the sons
of the Gods, Vidar, Vali, Modi and Magni, down unto Mimir's grove,
where death and destruction can never reach.

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