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The discord between the Aesir and the Vanir resulted in an attack of
the Giants upon Midgard.

The Giants slily offered the outlawed Aesir to join in the attack, but Odin, caring more about the welfare of mankind than that of the Aesir, warned the Vanir of the Giant's attack and even offered to assist them.

The whole of creation was in danger, and all assistance was needed.

The giant armies which now overflowed Midgard, even unto Bifröst, seemed totally invincible.

The Aesir, the Vanir, the Elves and Men united against the Giants, and ensured victory.

The number of Giants which fell in this battle was so huge that the
Elivogar straits became filled with their bodies.

Ever since that time
the Giants are so drastically decimated, that they are no longer a threat to men, at least not until Ragnarök is at hand.

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