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Sifka still dwelt at the court of Jörmunrek/Guttorm. With lies and
treachery he created conflicts among the Teutonic lords. Guttorm wished to marry Svanhild, the daughter of a king of the North.

He sent his son Randver, accompanied by Sifka, to propose the marriage to her. She willingly accepted, and accompanied them to Guttorm's court. Sifka
convinced Guttorm that Svanhild had been untrue to him with his son.

Guttorm was furious, let his own son be hanged, and Svanhild be
trampled to death by wild horses. Sifka also tricked Guttorm into
executing two of his kinsmen (the Harlungs). Svanhild's two brothers,
Sörli and Hamðir, swore to avenge their sister's death.

They were both slain during their attempt to kill Guttorm, but manage to wound him horrible, so that he suffered unto his death.

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