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028 Loke Contrives competition between Ivaldi and Mimers sons

What happens here is going to resonate throughout the rest of the myth.
Loki devised a plot, which seemed to benefit the Gods, but was intended to create enmity between the Gods and the smiths of all nature, as well as causing a rift between the two groups of smiths.

(i.e. Dwarves/Mimir's sons versus Elves/Ivaldi´s sons.)

Loki bet his head to Brokk Mimir's son, that Sindri, the most artistic of all Mimir's sons, would not be able to craft treasures to beat the treasures of Ivaldi's sons:
(i.e. Sif's golden hair, the spear Gungnir, the ship Skidbladnir.)

Brokk, who liked the idea of beheading Loki, accepted the bet.
His brother Sindri created the boar Slidrugtanni for Frey and Freyja, the ring Draupnir for Odin, and a new hammer for Thor, a hammer which would be impossible to steal, because it would always return to it's owner.

The only possible judges in this competition would be the Gods themselves, after having tried out the various treasures, and passed judgement onto them.

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