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Gordon Rumson: Canadian composer, teacher, pianist and author.

"Sometimes one finds magic. I did when I went to this site. Within a few seconds of the first sounds I knew I was in the world created by a real composer. Atmospheric but constructed with inner steel, Mats Wendt is clearly doing something special: music of mystery, enchantment and great beauty. Here is something extraordinary."

(This review was written in 2001. The piece Mr Rumson refers to as the first was at the time nr 5. The first 4 was not published when this was written. Also, the site layout at this time was different and more difficult to navigate, se link to full review. MW)



Leidstjarna Review: 2002


"wonderful music that one could easily see being played during the Lord of the Rings movie. Wendt's compositions evoke the power and vastness of the land of the Northmen like few I have ever heard. Wendt began this suite in 1999 and he estimates its completion of the giant 158 part suite to be some time in 2007. I can only say that I sincerely hope it will be offered on CD upon its completion. I want it in my collection. If you like classical music go listen to this preview of an ambitious and very promising work.




I love your work. It is completely awesome and awe-inspiring. Though there are no words I say still-

"Salute the scald! Through his craft, do the gods and goddesses live, and are made known to the folk!"

May the gods and goddesses always fill your heart with laughter and music.

Frank DeVault


Jeg er veldig takknemlig for at så vakker musikk som "Eddan" finnes og
kommer til å bli ett mesterverk for all fremtid. Dette er for meg veldig
spennende da jeg søker stadig tilbake til det opprinnelige for menneskene og
hvorfor ting er som det er. Dette fantastiske verket bringer meg tilbake til
skapelsen og setter fantasien i sving.

Borgar Johnsen


"You MUST hear this music! And read the tale. But listen while you read!"

Tony Curran

Known from movies like the 13th warrior and the League of extraordinary gentlemen. Also appearing in Gladiator.


Wonderful aurally pleasing music, it conveys the emotions behind the stories in the Eddas very well.

Unkown reviewer


The sections I’ve heard contained immense strength and atmosphere, suggesting vast amounts of energy which, in context with the mythology, uses your imagination to conjure images of gods, giants and men undertaking epic maneuvering. It is simply fantastic in its beauty and mystery.


'Thank You' for the work you have done - what I am reading and what I am hearing are truly a feast for the mind and spirit!

Bjorn Grimnir

Richard Wagner Appreciation
group facebook 2009

There is a marvelous work just released called "Eddan - The Invincible Sword of the Elf-Smith" by Mats Wendt, which I think most Wagner fans would love. It is a 16+ hour piece setting to orchestration the Norse mythology of the Eddas. It's available as a free streaming format at
5 hours of it has been performed at Bayreuth, so I think it's fair to say it is Wagnerian approved!