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The Sword theme


SWORD THEME From part 065

from the end of part 065

From 98 then Mimirs queen unlock the nine locks that separates the sword from the world.

This is the central theme in Eddan. It occurs in many forms and shapes but is fully presented in part 065. It consist of a tone followed by it's one octave lower counterpart. Then two notes in the middle that sinks a half note where it lands in minor key. With this symbolic construction it says "from the highest to the lowest and all in between". One could argue that this would be the theme of Odin but since the sword represents an unmatched power in the universe, "the" power that ultimate brings fourth Ragnarök, it seems valid for the sword. MW

Present in 065, 97, 98, 102, 148, 155 , 157 plus many other places as reminiscence or to show events that is a consequence of its existents.


Odin's ThemE

ODINS THEME from part 005


Here I wanted to capture several different traits in one theme. Odin's regality and grandeur, the firm determination to govern and control his fait, The otherworldliness of a supreme god and yet the burden of wisdom, the sensibility and compassion for the creation. The horn section carry Odin's theme and its followed by a build up that also is part of the description of his personality. Odin's theme is present frequently in many variations throughout Eddan.

Then Odin rides his eight footed horse Sleipner he is portrayed in a different manner as in the Odin Sleipner clip. This theme is present on many occasions. first in 058 Urd foretells Ragnarök.



From part 004 Creation of the earth4

The monumental creation From part 157 then the earth rises from the sea a second time.

From 055 then Odin's eye sees the future but do not realize it.

This theme surfaces in part 4 Creation of the earth and subsequently is expanded in the recreation of earth in part 157 renewal of the world. In part 55 odin's eye in mimirs well, odin sees the creation of earth but do not realize it's the second creation the recreation otherwise he would not have gone to Urd for confirmation and interpretation of the vision in part 058.



From part 54 Mimirs realm

From Part 98 Mimirs realm just before Mimirs queen unlocks the sword for Svipdag.

This theme, or rather, state of mind is a variant of a theme I made in the work THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN AND HELL based on William Blake's poem. It is a tranquil distorted paradise description. It says "everything is alright, but I do not belong here, I should leave this place, but I don't remember why any more, or where I came from." That was the feeling I was after. Also in the beginning of 106 when Svipdag passes the underworld and in beginning of 79.