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The Giant Eggter sits on his howe in the Ironwood, happily strumming
his harp of storms.

He calls upon the Fire Giant Fjalar, who comes in the guise of a crimson cock, crows loudly, and accepts Völund's sword from Eggter's keeping.

Fjalar returns to the Surt's Sunken
Dales (Surt's Sökkdalir), where the fires of destruction are waiting
to burst forth, and hands the sword over to Surt his father.

Yggdrasill, the World Tree, trembles from root to crown, and the Gjallar-
horn, which until now has rested in the shadows underneath the tree,
jumps into Heimdall's grasp. He blows the horn with all his might,
and it reverberates throughout the universe.

The sons of Mimir rise from their eternal sleep in order to do battle against the ultimate evil.

The dwarves stand "groaning in front of their stone doors".
Whichever monsters housed by woods and mountains rush forth over the lands of men.

The peaceful denizens of the blessed realms of the Underworld are filled with fear.

The trembling of Yggdrasill loosens
the bonds and fetters of the Lyngvi prisoners: Loki, Fenrir and other
sons of destruction step onto Naglfar, the ship of Doom.

Loki steers the ship towards Nastrend, in order to take aboard the cursed ones, and then he sets sail towards the Ironwood.

All the Giants of Jotun-heim assemble under the leadership of Hrym.

The ocean erupts and overflows the lands of men, because Midgard serpent grows gigantically
strong and thrashes about.

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