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Gullveig, reborn as Angboda, was banished to the Ironwood, and
magically bound to stay there until Ragnarök.

Her wolfen offspring Fenrir howls from the shadows and her brother Loki shakes the mountains in agony when his wife empties the cup of venom and the poison dripps in his eyes.

Eggter the guardian of the sword is already here.

In Ironwood she stays, until this world’s time have passed.

A faint shimmer lights up the darkness. The metal that was forged in hate and hardened in Nifelhell’s icy rivers, still as sharp as when the master smith stroke a finger along it's edge a long time a go.

Here in the Ironwood the sword awaits the final battle of good and evil Ragnarök.

The elf-smith Völunds greatest treasure, the indestructible sword of absolute victory.

The sword of revenge.

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