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In East Germania a new generation of warriors had now taken over, and raised anew the banners of Þjóðrek/Hadding.

Accompanied by Hamall and Hildibrand, Hadding again went forth as leader of the armies
of the East.

The Gods attempted to make peace, but Loki now held in thrall both Guttorm/Jörmunrek and Svipdag himself.

The Gods held assembly and judged that Svipdag must keep the peace and hand over to Hadding his father's inheritance, but Loki's wiles had totally
blinded Svipdag, so that neither the Gods' judgement nor Freyja's
tears could sway his stubbornness.

He commanded his son Ásmund to gather the Swedes, the Danes and Guttorm's armies.

Again there was war between the Teutonic nations.

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