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Svipdag came down from Asgard to Germania, and called upon the
Swedes and the Danes to do battle with Þjóðrek/Hadding.

Enormous warships were built in order to transport the Scandian warriors to the mainland, where they were united with Jörmunrek/Guttorm's

Valkyries rode in the skies, some from Vanaheim, others from Asgard, still others from Manheim. Jörmunrek's army was strengthened by his foster-father Hafli, who arrived with the giant-
maidens Fenja and Menja; Þjóðrek's army by Vagnhöfði and his daughter Harðgreip.

Svipdag's bards made it known to his and Jörmunrek's soldiers, that those who would fall in battle would be guaranteed a place in Freyja's hall, Sessrúmnir. Þjóðrek
promised his soldiers a place in Odin's palace.

The ensuing battle was long and cruel, and every night the exhausted warriors could see an amazing spectacle in the night sky: a super-natural battle of Vanir fighting Aesir.

During the daytime, as men
fought men, the supernatural beings were at work as well: whenever dark clouds and hailstorms threatened to overwhelm Hadding's army,
the warriors would see Odin and Thor, carrying golden spear and
thunderous hammer, coming forth to fight the foul weather.

But soon the ultimate battle took place, and great heroic deeds were done on both sides; but Sifka/Loki, who had stayed well away from the main battle, managed to employ the Western armies in such a manner that
Hadding's armies were scattered.

Hadding/Þjóðrek was totally

He had to flee to Manheim along with Hamall and Hildi-

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