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Svipdag reluctantly decided to treat Hadding in the same manner, and offered him a great kingdom, which had been his father's, but the boy refused to accept favours from his father's bane. (In the same manner as Svipdag refused favours from Halfdan see part 96 MW.)

Sifka/Loki sought Hadding in order to kill him, so that the boy was no longer safe with his foster-father Vagnhöfði.

One evening there appeared a one-eyed rider on an eight-footed horse, who expressed polite thanks to Vagnhöfði, placed the boy in his saddle, and rode with him through the air all the
way to Manheim.

There the boy received instruction in runic wisdom and weaponry.

Odin chanted to him songs of protection, and gave him a magic drink, Leifnislogar, which enabled him to break any bond or
fetter with his breath.

A Norn showed him the way down into the Under-world, where he was privileged to look upon the wonderful world of the blessed, and all its magical treasures.


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