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Halfdan amassed a great army south of the Eystrasalt (Östersjön/the Baltic sea) in order to reclaim the sacred land of the fathers, Scandia, from the forces
of winter.

The ships set sail, and the army went forth onto the shores of Aurvangaland.

The giants, who had taken over the land, refused to budge, and called upon the northern giants to assist them.

Halfdan was assisted both by Gods and the sons of Mimir, so now
Men, Gods, Nature-Smiths and Giants fought a bloody battle.

The enemy retreated, and Halfdan's army made its way towards the north.

The defeated forces were surprised to see that in the wake of the army there came spring, accompanied by growing flowers and flocks of birds.

In the air above Halfdan's ranks there rode Valkyries armed with golden spears.

From their horses' manes there dripped fertile dew-drops upon thawing fields.

Sindri (Dvalin) Mimir's son, who earlier had led the first migration from the north, now led his people back, and joined in the battle under Halfdan's banners.

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