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The Giant Hymir owned the bull Himinhrjótur. He also had a huge
brewing-kettle, which was necessary to the Gods, because of the mead that Ägir, the Ocean-Giant, made for them.

Thor went to Hymir, accompanied by Tyr, who was Hymir's foster-son.

Thor left his goats with Egil in Ysetur, and crossed Elivogar into Jötunheim.

Hymir invited Thor to go fish with him, since both had experience fishing for whales.

Thor tore the head off Himinhrjótur for bait. Midgårds-
orm (The World Serpent) took the bait.

Hymir had to cut the fishing-line, in order to save the two of them from the serpent's jaws, but the huge serpent insisted until Thor wielded his hammer, leaving a huge dent in Midgard serpent's head.

Hymir was impressed.

Returning to Hymir's abode, Thor's might was still to be tested, but he just stole Hymir's kettle and escaped with Tyr.

Hymir's kinsmen followed, but the Aesir slaughtered them. Thus Hymir's kettle entered Asgard..

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