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The soil of Ymir's flesh covers Middle-Earth, which Bur's sons raised out of the ocean of Ymir's blood.

The smiths, who built the mill, were created by Mimir and Durin (Mimir's first son, the eldest of Dwarves) in accordance with the Gods' decree.

Furthermore they created the
heavens out of Ymir's skull, mountains from his bones, etc. Also they crafted all of nature's adornments.

Mimir's daughter, Night, and all
her kinsmen were made Gods. The roads traveled by Day and Night, Sun and Moon were laid down. The Aesir and the Vanir defined their separate roles.

The Vanir preside over the regulation of the fixed processes of the world; the Aesir watch and guard all of creation. The marvellous Asgard was built for the Gods in the very top of the World-Tree. A bridge called Bifröst connects Asgard to the Underworld.

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