YGGDRASILL (World Tree).

There was a beginning to the world.

Three forces were at work in
the primeval emptiness of Ginnungagap:

the forces of Cold,
Heat, and Creative Power, which sprang up from three Wells, the
sources of which are unknown and hidden.

After creation has taken
place these Wells have their place in the World, their names being:
Hvergelmir, Urd's well and Mimir's well.

To the north of Ginnungagap
space was enveloped in an icy mist, which rose from Hvergelmir, but to the south warmth welled up from Urd´s well.

The elements were formed by the clashing of Cold and Heat in Ginnungagap.

In the very middle of Ginnungagap was situated the Well of Creative Power, and in the unknown depths underneath it was the seed of Yggdrasill.

Yggdrasill grow and grow until its branches spanned the infinite voids.

And the world was.